Food and your pets health

We all want the best for our dogs, knowing the right nutrients to feed them and the correct amounts are important if we want our pets to remain strong and healthy.

This article will focus on foods for cats and dogs. I will be going through a list of some nutrients that your pets need and good pet food products that provide them.


These are the basic building blocks for organs, cells, tissues, hormones, antibodies and enzymes and are crucial for your pets’ growth, repair, reproduction and immune system efficiency.

Proteins can be found in a number of foods. For meat and other animal-based sources, look to foods such as Fish, Turkey, Chicken, Lamb, Beef and Eggs (please note these must be cooked eggs, NOT raw eggs as this can interfere with the metabolism of some nutrients such as fats or amino-acids).

Foods that have over fifty percent of protein are great for adding to a healthy diet.

Iams dog or cat foods are recommended for your pets diet.


Like all living things pets need energy and much of this is gained from fats (which can provide more than twice the energy of proteins or carbohydrates).

Fats are needed for the building of cells, they give the body insulation and helps protect internal organs.

The animal based foods mentioned above, already contains fats which your pet needs, however there is also another type of nutrient called fatty acids.

Some fatty acids are very essential and need to be included in a pet’s diet. An insufficient supply of fatty acids can lead to reduced growth or increased skin problems such as Dandruff and other skin related mite infections.


Vitamins are also very important, and because the body cannot synthesize most of them, their inclusion in your pets diet is crucial. There are pet drugs available.